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Attention to everything.

Its our attention to everything including being there for a customer in seconds about any question or need. We are creative with all the aspects of our brand and we are always up

to date. Mostly, we are responsible as a brand to give you the best customer experience and service through our branding, designs, quality products, free express shipping, customer relations and service.


Our prices are competitive and fair. We are always keeping a close eye on the calendar for sales and freebies that will fit your budget and make you happy.


Free, fast and reliable shipping.

Working with the best probably worldwide shipping company offering free, fast, reliable and secure shipping for your order. Guaranteeing that your order will be delivered at your place safe.

Quality pieces.

Ice cartel strictly prioritizes product quality. All of our pieces are made from pure copper and solid brass with real 5x PVD 14k gold / white gold and platinum plating to prevent fading. The stones are the highest quality CZ (cubic zirconia) on the market with excellent round, emerald, bagguette and cushion cuts.

Experts team.

Our team is powerful when it comes to the point of branding, marketing and customer service. Every individual on our team has a various experience background with their only goal to satisfy any customer need and show their amazing work in every aspect of\

Fine Jewelry made of Ice & Art.